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XeeSaga Holding is credited with successfully forging and nurturing strong and fruitful business relationships with several leading global companies.

Pace Pakistan

Pace (Pakistan) limited offers attractive investment opportunities to customers and investors interested in the real estate business in Pakistan.

  • Pace Islamabad Private Limited; where Pace Group 51% and Xeesaga Holding has 49% shares.
Falaknaz Properties

Groups are not formed in a day. It takes lot of efforts, business procedure and sincerity of purpose to achieve the goal. 

  • Falaknaz (Pvt) Ltd.; where Falaknaz is 51% and Xeesaga Holding has 49% shares.
Royal Group

Royal Group is a leading development and construction company in Pakistan with nearly two decades of experience in the construction industry.

  • Royal Palm (Pvt) Ltd has 51% and Xeesaga has 49% shares.
Maymar Group

From its inception, Maymar’s vision has centered on stepping away from the status quo and making quantum leaps in defining the real estate and construction landscape of the country. Maymar’s projects, often considered forward-looking and revolutionary at launch, are admired for their elegance and attention to detail after completion.